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Lo Giudice family

For three generations we have been renewing our commitment to the world of meat.

It was 1983 when our father Giuseppe decided to join his grandfather Salvatore, the company’s founder, and expand the company’s production complex from breeding and retail to wholesale meat.

The company’s DNA since its inception has always been centered on the concepts of change, innovation and modernization.

Since 2020, the helm has passed to us two brothers-Elio and Salvatore (third generation of the Lo Giudice family).

Breeding the best for a high-end "Made in Italy" product: This is the imperative of our company.

An emblematic land steeped in history and pleasant landscapes, Sicily is the setting for our pastures. Extensive "semi-brando" cattle and sheep farming techniques respect nature and preserve the natural habitat of the region in which they have lived for millennia.

Let us begin with the official definition of semi-wild that comes to us from the Treccani dictionary: “semi-wild adj. [comp. of semi- and wild]. – Partially wild, said spec. of the rearing of horses or other livestock when the animals are housed in stables where they receive housing and food only during the winter season, while in other seasons they are left outdoors in complete freedom.”

This ethical model of semi-wild farming is a perfect match for what nature has bestowed on the pristine highlands of the Sicilian region rich in hills and grasslands with diverse and rich flora available in abundance.

Many small family farms embellish the social environment of this area. Here breeding is an ingrained tradition. In this area we have selected a group of virtuous breeders who know and respect the life and habits of their cattle.

Calves born naturally, under the shelter of a barn, are immediately set free to follow their mother into the grasslands and to develop in the social constituency of their own herd. Weaning occurs naturally in extensive pastures.

Thanks to the antibodies that their mother passes on to them during weaning and the enormous space they have, the cattle are and remain healthy, they do not get sick so they do not need preventive medicinal treatments of any kind. Their life in the wild lasts until the winter months, when they find shelter in the stables and are fed locally produced hay to return immediately to the pastures in the spring with the growth of the first new grasses.

We chose for this “grass feed” consciously : feeding exclusively on fresh grass from spring to autumn and, during the short Sicilian winter, on hay after being stabled, the animals have a healthy and complete diet that facilitates their slow and natural growth.

Breaded humanely. Our animals therefore have a life with total respect for animal welfare, for their dignity, with an ethical outlook that can be defined as “breaded humanely,” or “raised humanely” in the noblest sense that this definition contains.

The brand

Halal Exclusive Meat

Following the art and teachings handed down to us, as we have always been fascinated by the Islamic world, we decided to start a new line of meat and charcuterie production:

The production lines

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Care for the animals and the will to achieve a final product of the highest quality are the characteristics of our SALAAH GREEN DIAMOND line: the latter is the result of meticulous work aimed exclusively at offering excellent and traditional production that protects these values and attention to detail. Strictly “Made in Italy” these cured meats are made only from Sicilian meats. Our Salaah Green Diamond deli meats are not only delicately delicious but also rich in protein and suitable for low-calorie diets by containing no more than 5 percent fat.

Cold cuts from the SALAAH LUXE GOLD line complete the assortment. This line was born from the idea of selecting the highest quality meats from other territories, with different flavors and fragrances, processed carefully and exclusively in our company in Sicily. Salaah Luxe Gold is a “Made in Italy” High End product: traditional gourmet cured meats finely processed under the banner of quality.

Halal certification

We produce top-quality cured meats and sausages following the Halal ritual at every stage, using fine meats and spices.

In addition in order to obtain quality and healthy products we process and market only meat from livestock raised from selected local sources.


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