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Question What are the differences between the Green Diamond line and the Luxe Gold line.

The hallmarks of the Green Diamond line are care for the animals and a desire to achieve an end product of the highest quality. The cured meats are made exclusively from Sicilian meats and are rich in protein and suitable for low-calorie diets containing no more than 5 percent fat. On request only.
The Luxe Gold line, on the other hand, includes a selection of the highest quality meats from other territories, with different flavors and fragrances, processed in our Sicilian company. Available on the online shop.

Question What does "Halal" mean?

In Islamic culture the term Halal generically means everything that is permitted in terms of behavior, language, clothing and food. Specifically, it refers to meat from animals slaughtered according to certain principles.

Question What are the product formats?

Our cold cuts have three different weights according to the product:

Pistachio mortadella, 1.2 kg, 2.3 kg and 4.5 kg, Smoked, classic, pistachio and truffle ham 1.8 kg, 3.6 kg, 7.5 kg, frankfurters can be purchased by the number.

The desired quantity (in larger or smaller sizes) can be produced upon request.

Question What cuts of meat are cold cuts made from?

Cooked ham is obtained by processing the thighs; mortadella comes from processing the shoulder. Frankfurters are made up of different cuts of meat.

Question What are the differences between sheep meat and beef?

Beef is one of the most widely consumed types of red meat in Italy, within which are veal, ox, beef, and rump. Depending on the animal, the meat can be soft, flavorful, nutritious, and rich in protein with a variable water and fat component.

Sheep meat, on the other hand, is that of sheep and particularly lamb, and is characterized by a very delicate, natural taste and extremely tender texture. It is rich in protein, minerals, iron and zinc.