In a multicultural world, it becomes a priority to open the doors of one's company and particularly one's new product development department to the creation of new tastes and flavors that can satisfy the varied palates of future customers.

Being aware that diversity should be thought of as an opportunity for growth and having created a network of friendships made up of different religions and cultures, particularly Islam, we decided to undertake and create this new business: Salah – Halal Exclusive Meat, a company founded on the concept of. “shared” culture born out of mutual confrontation, dialogue and the meeting of different cultures and ethnicities.

We would like to be referred to as Meat Chefs as our goal is to decline our products from a cross-cultural perspective in order to make made in Italy appealing through original taste variations suitable for audiences of Islamic culture and religion.

Elio Lo Giudice

Sales Director

Salvatore Lo Giudice

Managing Director